The Dead Sea

While in Tel Aviv for a few days, we would not miss the chance to go on a day trip to THE DEAD SEA.

As you might know, the surface and shores of the Dead Sea are below sea level, 423 meters to be exact. The Dead Sea, in fact, is the lowest spot on earth anyways! When approaching the area around the Dead Sea itself, you can actually see, feel and even taste the depth and the salty atmosphere. It’s hard to describe how exactly, but even on the pictures you can see the haze.

In case you think that you can have a nice sun bath or even a fun in the water in the Dead Sea, you are wrong. Neither the sand, the water, not the environment have a beachy character. And due to the haze that I tried to describe above, it doesn’t feel quite hot anyways. In fact, I read somewhere that it is hard to catch a sunburn in the area, as the UV index is nearly zero due to the low position. Actually, many people will come here for medical reasons. With 8 times more mineral than most seawaters, the Dead Sea can help many health issues, such as skin and heart problems. That’s probably why most of the other people around us where literally layered on with mud (that you can purchase in the shops nearby). I found that a little odd, but I understand that once in the Dead Sea, it’s tempting to get the full package (literally, haha!)

The water of the Dead Sea itself is greener than I would have expected it (in my imagination it was white-blue somehow…) and feels rather oily and slickly, than salty. It was fun to float a little bit in the water once, but to be quite honest with you, I am not sure if I would ever do it again. Once checked on my bucket list, I am not too desperate to feel the slickly feeling on my body (and on my clothes) for the whole day again, if not for medical reasons. However, it was an experience and I wouldn’t want to miss it!

After that, we drove a little up north, only to find the most scenic views that one can imagine. In all honesty, pictures don’t do the justice, as it is super hard to catch the real atmosphere that you experience, once many hundred meters below sea level.

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