Singapore Diaries: Appreciation November

There’s been a turning point. I have recently been excited, energetic, and appreciative. When I talked about my uplifted mood on Instagram this week, I received more comments and positivity back in return than ever. And I remembered a quote that used to be my mantra for the longest time:

“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.”

And it’s right. What helped me a lot is to decide to be positive again purposely. I finally realized I couldn’t change anything about the current situation, and I am certainly not worst off anyway. Even though life had other plans in mind for us, for this year, for our life abroad, it still happened for a reason, I am sure of it.

Everything in life is temporary. Be patient, be positive, and watch the endless amount of blessings you’ll receive.

It can only get better, right? Once again, I realized that it’s my own mindset that needs to be changed, not the situation I am in. I can’t do anything about it anyway. But I can decide to be positive, and I am sure I will receive positivity. There is negativity all around, but it won’t affect me if I don’t let it in.

I know, this is easier been told than done, but we both recently tried to remind us now and then about all the good things we can still enjoy and explore. Being stuck in Singapore might feel limited, but it’s also very safe. Yes, it sucks that we don’t know when to see our family and friends in Germany the next time, let alone travel at all. But it’s sunny here and warm. We don’t really need a holiday when we have the beach, palm trees, and a pool right in front of our doorstep anyway. And yes, it sucks that I left my job and even gave up a large part of my self-employment for my partner to move to Singapore, but hey, at least we still have an income that brings us food on the table at the end of the month (and just for the record: it’s great food!).

So why not appreciate it instead of constantly complaining and reminiscing about all the great plans we had and that we can’t follow. Instead of whining, we forced ourselves to see the positive sides and things behind it. It was certainly hard initially, and we did need some friends to remind us here and then actively, but eventually, it helped. It uplifted my mood. To an extent where I woke up one day, put Christmas music on, and danced in my pajamas. At this point, I am almost sure that my positive mindset will roll over to December. So here’s to #AppreciationNovember. And about positivity being a choice.


  • Julien

    It’s very admirable how you can keep your mood up besides all circumstances. Thank you for the post and the positive vibe!

    Stay positive, I love reading your blog!


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