The best places to order food in Singapore [ LOCAL & LOCKDOWN GUIDE ]

While Daniel and I usually prefer to cook homemade food, we occasionally also order food online. For the sake of skipping an hour of washing the dishes and also to just enjoy some variation in dishes, and last but not least support local restaurants.

There’s is various ways to order food in Singapore: The most common way is to order through apps such as Grab Food, Deliveroo, FoodPanda or (which seems even more convenient to me) simply contact your place of choice in What’s App, list your order and pay through PayLah/PayNow. Super easy and effective.

Here are my favorite food spots to order from in Singapore. I will update the list from time to time, as I am constantly on the hunt for excellent food places in Singapore.

Fat Prince

48 Peck Seah St #01-01, 079317 Singapore

My latest Discovery in Singapore is the Fat Prince, an Istanbul-inspired cafe and kebabery in Tanjong Pagar. During the lockdown, they centralized with their sister restaurants Neon Pigeon and Summerlong at Summerlong’s venue in Robertson Quay, which comes with two advantages: First, you can order from all three restaurants, second, residents who pick up their order get 15 % off. We ordered basically the whole menu that contains Kebab, Cashew Hommos, Sprout Salad, and many other things. To be fair, the dishes come with a price, but the quality swapped us off our feet. Everything was delicious and fresh, and I cannot wait to go there and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere after lockdown. Until then, I enjoy 15 % off.

order online through their website or

Publico Ristorante

1 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238909, Robertson Quay

Let’s face it: Publico is one of my favorite places in Singapore in general. Not only because I love their environment and outdoor seating near the river, I also really like their Italian-inspired kitchen as to me, it seems very authentic. Usually more on the expensive side, right now Publico offers a 20% discount which is pretty valuable, considering you will get a Pizza fresh out of the oven for about $21! Luckily, we live nearby so we can skip the delivery service (and fee) and just pick our pizzas up, provided we have ordered through What’s App a few minutes before. That way, once we’re home the pizza is not only warm but we can also enjoy it with our favorite bottle of wine while watching the sunset from our balcony. There’s nothing better, is it? 😉

Contact via What’s App +6587252800

Pizza Burrata from Publico

The pizza dough is made to perfection!

Bakalaki Greek Taverna

3 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168891, Tiong Bahru

Ever since I have a Greek as a friend, Greek cuisine is among my favorites. His family showed me their home town in Corfu and introduced me to all those delicious dishes, which are living up the aromas of Greece: the Mediterranean sun, sea, and olive trees. Mainly based on fruits, vegetables, some fish, and olive oil, it’s no surprise the Greek diet is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world. And when it comes to white wine, the Greek is the best – hands down!

When I found Bakalaki, I was smashed right away. Their food is as authentic as I can tell, their house wine is fabulous, and the atmosphere at their veranda reminds me of long and relaxed European summers. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy the dining-in right now, but with island-wide free delivery and the usual prices, the order offer is pretty reasonable. I have tried many of their dishes, and all of them were incredibly good. However, my favorites are Moussaka, Pastitsio, Htapodi (Grilled Octopus), and Hariatiki (Traditional Greek Salad). For orders, I’d say you cannot go wrong with Moussaka or Pastitsio as it won’t hurt for it to soak for a little longer. The portions could be more prominent for my liking, but on the other hand, that way, there is more space for some Mezedes (appetizers), such as Pita bread with Hummus, Tzatziki, or Dolmades. Check it out and let me know how you liked it!

Contact via What’s App +6597322299 or order online

Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru)

56 Eng Hoon St, #01-68, Singapore 160056, Tiong Bahru

Hands on, Merco Marcel has the best Pain Au Chocolat in Singapore. I know there is Tiong Bahru Bakery too, that has a great offer of authentic bakeries and is literally next door to the Merci Marcel outlet in Tiong Bahru. But when it comes to Pain Au Chocolat, I will always go to Merci Marcel to get my fix. You can obviously also order online but I would usually just go there myself to collect a fresh croissant out of the oven. While you are there you can also buy other stuff that they don’t deliver, such as excellent french wine, cheese (raclette!) and cold cuts.

Order via

Dumpling Darlings

44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870, Telok Ayer

This place is one of our findings during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore and we love it! Dumpling Darlings doesn’t have too much on the menu, however, all their dishes (mostly Dim Sum) are very special and contain lots of fancy stuff which makes it pretty exciting to try. How do Smoked Bacon, Truffle Potato, Caramelised Onion and Cheddar in a dumpling sound to you? If you’re more on the fancy side, you should definitely give it a try and support them. We actually ended up ordering all their dumplings and the Braised Pork Egg Noodles through the Grab Food app and let me tell you: Everything was very delicious.

Order via or

Naga Imo

82 Club St, Singapore 069450, Telok Ayer

Honestly, I adore this place. It is well-decorated and their sushi seems to fly out fresh from Tokyo. At least, it tastes like that. During Circuit Breaker, I really wanted to support them and ordered occasionally which is actually super convenient, as you can simply order through What’s App and even pay through PayNow through a QR-Code that they will send you beforehand. That way, they are making sure that you don’t waste precious time when the food is already prepared in paying and also have as little contact as possible. I really enjoy their sushi and also their Gyoza. However, I usually appreciate the environment from this place which is why I can’t wait to go there again, having food freshly prepared in front of me, while sitting at their bar and sipping a Santory High Ball…

Contact via What’s App +6596388182

Swee Choon

183/185/187/189, Jln Besar, 191/193, 208882, Jln Basar

Hence being kind of a Hawker Stall-ish food, we appreciate the food and its prices and regularly go to their outlet in Jalan Basar to get our Dumplings. Currently, Swee Choon offers an island-wide delivery for $5. You can easily pick your favorite Dim Sums, Baos, and Buns on their website and order through it, or, alternatively, through Grab Food. The prices for delivery differ a little bit from their pick-up/dine-in prices which is a shame as we usually appreciate their value for price the most, but anyway, we still give it a try from time to time. Support your locals, right? We usually go for the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (the broth inside is just to die for!!!) and the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings.

Order online through their website


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