Have you ever heard of MacRostie Winery? It is a wonderful winery that was founded by Steve MacRostie in 1987. For over three decades, they have been producing premium quality wines. The current winemaker, Heidi Bridenhagen, has continued to set new standards for quality and innovation in winemaking. Recently, I visited the winery for the second time since they invited me to take pictures and try their wines.

Even though we arrived on a rainy, gloomy winter day, MacRostie was still incredibly beautiful. The architecture of the building and landscape is so uniquely spectacular that I was simply blown away. The rain made for a cozy and intimate atmosphere inside. In summertime, I would always make sure to book a spot at their vast outdoor terrace to catch some sun and prime views of the vineyard.
We tried the Signature Tasting, which included five wines (two Chardonnays, two Reds), and we even got to try a third Chardonnay after I asked about it. The ambassador, Brea, was fantastic and educated us about the different regions and how they affect the quality and taste of the wines. We learned that MacRostie Winery is dedicated to attention to detail and uses cutting-edge techniques in their winemaking process. The vineyards are tended carefully and nurtured through partnerships with legendary wine-growing families. Their winemaking process is infused with modern techniques that result in truly exceptional wines.
I was particularly impressed by the Wildcat Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. We learned that this vineyard is located at 700 feet above sea level and is windy, foggy, cool, and has low crop levels which results in exceptional wines. Wildcat’s Chardonnay offers sophisticated minerality, exceptional structure, and cool-climate “nerve,” while the Pinot Noir delivers sumptuous color, weight, and black fruit character.
As a wine lover, I was thoroughly impressed by the level of dedication that goes into every bottle of wine produced by MacRostie Winery. Their commitment to excellence, their focus on tradition and innovation, and their dedication to crafting wines that are truly exceptional make them stand out in the world of winemaking.
If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable wine-tasting experience, I highly recommend visiting MacRostie Winery. The stunning beauty of the Sonoma Coast, the exceptional wines, and the friendly and intimate atmosphere make it the perfect destination for a weekend wine trip.


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