New spot on the block – A swanky cocktail bar out of my dreams

I really enjoy trying different drinks and exploring new bars when I travel. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed my passion for discovering the best spots in every city. Recently, a new and exciting bar has opened in San Francisco, and I feel fortunate that it’s located in my neighborhood.


There’s a cool cocktail lounge in Cow Hollow that I recently came across called Left Door. It’s on the second floor of an iconic building at Union and Laguna. This place is different from the rowdy sports bar downstairs called the Bus Stop, even though they’re owned by the same people. At Left Door, the vibe is elegant and swanky, with well-dressed people sipping on fancy drinks and lounging on velvet couches. The decor is floral and artsy, with portraits that look like they’re from the Louvre.

The bar has a dress code and asks you to limit phone usage, which creates a timeless and sophisticated energy. On any given night, you’ll find regulars and newcomers who appreciate quality spirits and intriguing concoctions. It’s definitely a place where the drink in your hand is as important as the company you keep.

Our hope is that it will serve as a toast to the spirit of the city, especially as we push to keep coming back from the pandemic

The Drinks

Left Door is a testament to the art of cocktail-making. Martinis steal the spotlight here, especially The Dirty Martini, with the savory depth of olive brine and mineral-rich character of Hog Island sea salt. But, don’t overlook other up-leveled classics like their take on the Manhattan, featuring Redwood Empire rye whiskey with Sonoma Portworks port, Brucato Woodlands, and a touch of local TCHO chocolate bitters.

The Food

The food menu, though not as extensive as the cocktail list, offers a thoughtful selection of upscale bar snacks and small plates designed to be shared with your friends. It caters to a range of palates—from aged Wagyu bites to a charcuterie board. Or, splurge on the full caviar service with blinis, onion crème fraîche, egg yolk emulsion, and potato chips.


Left Door is perfect for a casual evening out or a private gathering. They’ve got seating arrangements for groups ranging from two to eight, and you can even secure a private area if you want exclusivity. The ambiance strikes the perfect balance between lavish and laid-back, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all who enter. So, if you’re in the mood for a fancy night out, give Left Door a try!

Left Door,1905 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123


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