Coming Up: A journey through Singapore


The bad news is: The coronavirus pandemic is far from over. And while other countries, including our home country Germany, seem to be back to some kind of new normality which even includes traveling through Europe, we are stuck in Singapore.

Ironically, the main reason for choosing Singapore out of all new countries to reside in was Singapore’s unique position in Asia, which makes it an excellent travel hub. But Singapore’s borders have been closed for months now, and it doesn’t seem like they will open anytime soon. Hence our plans to explore Asia are put on hold for now (obviously). And on an island that is only 725 square kilometers in size, borders seem closer than ever. Yet, with more than eleven Million foreign visitors, Singapore is among the most-visited cities in the world. And there is a reason behind: There is so much to do in Singapore.

This is why we will use the upcoming weeks to travel within “our” city, instead of dreaming of foreign countries that we cannot go to anyway. We will visit exciting neighborhoods in Singapore, explain the different regions, find hotspots, places, cute little boutiques, and large shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops, and many others. How does that sound?

On the website, there is a new navigation point called Singapore: in there, you will find all the upcoming posts relating to the city-state. And who knows. Maybe it will not take forever, and you will be able to visit Singapore soon already? At least by then, you know where to sleep, eat, and indulge in Singapore.


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