Brussels – The heart of Europe

What better city to end our tribute trip to Europe than Brussels, the “de facto” capital of the European Union?

Our road trip through Germany, the Netherlands, and Brussels brought me so much joy and certainly showed the continent I grew up in a different light. I was amazed by the free spirit, and the laisser-faire attitude, the overall vibrant atmosphere, the plenty of great food (ohh, so good), and last but not least the warmness and candor of my fellow Europeans. And while Belgium was the last country that we visited in Europe (for now), it is certainly not the last we traveled to, as there is so much more to explore in this beautiful world.

You see, I have caught the travel bug again and can’t wait for our next trip.

Thank you, Europe, those three months of summer with you were a blast. Now, we are finally off to the US. Cheers and happy Saturday!


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