Fries & Rosé in Antwerp | A Travel Diary

From Rotterdam, it was just a quick one-hour drive to Antwerp. For that, we crossed a land border again, entering Belgium. Although located in another country, most of the 1.2 million inhabitants of the metropolitan region around Antwerp speak Dutch, and many speak German or Flämmisch, too.

You probably have heard of Antwerp due to its great part in the diamond trade, with 85% of the world’s rough diamonds passing through the diamond district of Antwerp annually. Besides, Antwerp has the second largest seaport in Europe (after Rotterdam, the city we had just visited before).

On top of that, Antwerp has a cult status in the fashion world due to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the most important fashion academy in the world. It is indeed a rising fashion city, with internationally successful fashion designers such as Dries Van Noten; and brands like Essentiel Antwerp taking fashion lovers’ hearts.

However, when I think back on our trip to Antwerp, it’s funny how it’s not the fashion nor the stunning architecture that come to my mind at first, but the fries and rosé wine we had upon arrival at Fries Atelier. It’s not a secret that Belgium is known for their chocolate and fries, and their proximity to France also lets one assume to have great wine. Still, I was blown away by their homemade sauces from the tap, speaking Truffle Mayo and Sauce Bernéaise… delicc!


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