My Favorite Breakfast Spots in Berlin

Nothing beats my favorite meal of the day, aka breakfast. Preferably sitting in the sun, starting the day off with a good oat latte, I have tested plenty of restaurants in my hometown Berlin.

In this post, I want to introduce you to my favorite locations. I am typically judging on the coffee quality, the ambiance (aka can I sit in the sun 🙂 ), and the food menu: Does the place offer a great variation or is rather it only a few but well-selected dishes?

Venue, Neukölln

x Venue, Neukölln

Funny enough, the venue from the venue reminds me of a place in Copenhagen (Mad & Coffee). Similar to Denmark, the menu also works as a menu selection and offers freely combinable breakfast dishes at fair prices. The small dishes should have something for everyone: from avocado, to mini-pancakes, to scrambled eggs and special spreads. Depending on your appetite you can create your own breakfast creation consisting of 3, 5 or 7 tapas. Therefore, one pays between 6,90 € and 12,90 € (status 2019). This is exactly the right thing for those people who prefer to have always a hearty and a sweet food on their breakfast plate and eat everything crosswise. The coffee also tastes excellent and there are also milk alternatives on offer, which makes me personally very happy. Unfortunately, you can only pay with cash, which we did not expect. But fortunately the owners were very relaxed and so it was no problem. By the way, you can also sit out here, unfortunately quasi on a sidewalk… but because of that you can wonderfully watch people strolling through the streets. Sometimes even celebrities…

x A Never Ever Ending Love Story, Mitte

The place belongs to the same owner who also owns the What, do you fancy love? and Coffee Drink Your Monkey. The A Never Ever Ending Love Story, however, offers more space and a nicer ambiance for an extensive and relaxed breakfast. The quality of the food and especially the juices and smoothies is consistently good in all stores. Daniel loves the bagels/bread and the muesli, I usually take avocado toast and French toast, or blueberry pancakes… Attention: The portions are really huge, you have to be really hungry! But then you really get something for your money, the prices are really fair.


Tinman, Berlin Mitte

x Father Carpenter, Mitte

We found this place during our Christmas home trip when we stayed in a hotel nearby. Father Carpenter seems to be one of the more recent cafes in Berlin. Located in the heart of Berlin-Mitte in one of the beautiful backyards of the brick buildings, the cafĂ© already promises a lot from the outside. When we arrived the queue was long, but luckily we didn’t have to wait that long. The menu offers a rather unusual selection of international dishes – besides classics like Eggs Benedict, Pancakes, and Porridge, there is also Beetroot Hummus and Overnight Chipotle Beans. The coffee was also very tasty. The ambiance is very stylish, but the tables are set very close together, which reduces the coziness a bit. Nevertheless, a visit is highly recommended!

x TINMAN, Mitte

We discovered the TINMAN before our move to Singapore when we stayed in a hotel nearby. The TINMAN is located in a Berlin trending area, right between Alte Schönhauserstraße and Rosa-Luxemburgstraße which is why it is a perfect spot to start the weekend. The area is kind of Berlin’s SOHO and invites for shopping and discovering after breakfast, that is truly delicious: Think of modern breakfast with a twist: smashed avocado toast with poached eggs, garnished with pomegranate seeds, breakfast brioches, or spring salad with green beans, dill, and ricotta…

x KAFFEE.BAR, Prenzlauer Berg

As the name suggests, coffee is a big thing in Kaffee Bar and their house-blend is locally produced and weekly roasted. The breakfast menu includes classics like French toast and Eggs Benedict, but also home-marinated salmon and roast beef, as well as a great selection of vegan or gluten-free dishes. I love the fact that apparently all dishes are prepared with fresh and selected seasonal products. If you fancy a drink, you will find classic wines, Cava, Aperol Spritz, and Gin Tonic at the bar that is well decorated and invites you to look over the counter, observing the baristas creating beautiful latte art. But especially in warmer seasons, you can sit outside in the middle of one of the most beautiful and hip neighborhoods of Berlin.
Tip: After breakfast, you have to check out Hokey Pokey that is not far away from the KAFFEE.BAR and serves the best ice cream in town, I promise.

x Kaffeehaus Zeltinger, Frohnau

A typical German breakfast contains a bread basket (with bread and brioche buns), cold cuts, a cheese platter, and soft boiled eggs as well as sweet spreads like Nutella and jam. I personally prefer the French or American way of breakfast (nothing beats pancakes for breakfast!), however, occasionally we choose a traditional way to start the day. And this we will always do in Kaffeehaus Zeltinger in Frohnau. Up in the north, this traditional “coffee house” has existed for almost a hundred years. Early in time, they would serve coffee, cakes, and ice cream to the fine society that would visit Frohnau for Polo Games and summer residential. Enough for the history, the coffee house still serves very traditional breakfast in excellent quality. I know this place is so much different from all the places I recommend here, but you should certainly give it a try if you want to experience the traditional German way to breakfast. Sitting in their beautiful garden or veranda, you can check out the suburban living in Berlin. Unfortunately, the coffee house does not offer milk alternatives, though their sister location “Picadilly” right next on the other side of the street does!


Die Stulle, Charlottenburg

x The Visit Coffee & Eatery, Schöneberg

Right in the middle of an upcoming, charming Berliner Kiez, you will find The Visit. Their approach to creating an exceptional coffee experience will certainly not disappoint, as this place truly is a place for coffee lovers like me. They’re also serving great breakfast options, that you can DIY and combine, such as avo bread or bagels with garnishes like hummus, pomegranate seeds, arugula… They offer outdoor seating in front of their place which is usually sun flouted and you can sit there, sip on your coffee and breakfast, and enjoy the vibe of Berlin’s Schöneberg. And if you have some spare time afterward, you should certainly check out the area around the location, as Schöneberg’s Akazienstraße invites you to stroll around at any time of the year.

x Die Stulle, Charlottenburg

A “Stulle” is a slice of bread, typically spread with butter. The name of the place “Die Stulle” doesn’t come from anywhere, as they particularly serve the German traditional dish – but with a modern twist. You will find many different variations of “Stullenbrot” on their menu: walnut bread, coarse rye bread, traditional bread – garnished with smashed avocado, garden cress, sprouts, eggs, hummus, feta cheese, bacon, only to name a few… But you will also find other German traditional breakfast dishes such as “Strammer Max”. This place has probably been my favorite breakfast place in Berlin for the longest time. Unfortunately, I am not the only one loving this place, as it is usually buzzing and jam-packed! Make sure you make a reservation beforehand!

x Distrikt Coffee, Mitte

This place has been raved about for quite a time, but still, it is a good place to go. Distrikt Coffee offers a small but classic menu in a hipsteresque- environment which is quite typical for Berlin. Usually, though you will find such places in areas like Kreuzberg or Neuköln, not in fancy Mitte. Even though small, on the there is something for everyone: Buttermilk Pancakes, Breakfast Brioche Bun, and Everything Bagel. There’s exceptionally good coffee, and even if it didn’t make it into my Top 5 of the world’s best coffees, it’s very close. The barista certainly knows what they’re doing, serving not only Espresso coffees but also slow filter Kalita coffee which makes them one of the first places in Berlin (Mitte especially) to do so.

I hope I could inspire you and hope you like the breakfast places as much as I do. Do you know other places that are missing? Please let me know in the comments.

Distrikt Coffee, Mitte


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