A luxurious organic estate bringing the tastes of Tuscany to life.

I had the pleasure of staying at Villa Petriolo, an organic estate spanning over 160 hectares in the serene hills of Cerreto Guidi near Florence in Tuscany for three days and two nights in September of 2022. The journey from the base to the estate was breathtaking, with an enchanting drive through a rustic farm filled with dozing sheep, frisky donkeys, and curious goats. Each twist and turn of the winding road revealed stunning views of the Tuscan hills, leading up to the grand villa nestled in the hills. The panoramic view of luscious hills, cypress trees, and fragrant olive orchards from the villa’s vantage point was awe-inspiring, making me feel at home like it was my family estate.

The estate

Villa Petriolo is situated amidst vineyards and cypresses, offering a luxurious retreat with a connection to nature and comfort that one would expect in a big city. The estate is spread across 160 hectares, consisting of several buildings, with the central building being the heart of the estate. This building, which is built on the oldest part of the structure, boasts three different restaurants and accommodations for up to 80 guests. The estate also features a fitness center, a pool bar, and a garden. The entire retreat is sustainable, from the swimming pool to the Michelin Green Star restaurant, ensuring that the estate treads lightly on its Italian land.

The villa itself is a masterpiece of elegance and understated beauty. The rooms are cozy, warm, and inviting, with modern touches that make you feel like you’re living in Tuscany, not just visiting. Villa Petriolo offers 35 rooms and suites that provide guests with unparalleled warmth and comfort to ensure an unforgettable stay.


Villa Petriolo boasts three restaurants, each catering to the unique tastes of its guests. The elegant and immersive locations with diffused lights that recall the history of wine are surrounded by the magical Petriolo estate’s stunning hills of Tuscany.

Hotel address: Via di Petriolo, 7, 50050 Cerreto Guidi FI, Italien
Price per night from: $157
Find Villa Petriolo here: @villapetriolo / https://www.villapetriolotuscany.com/

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