Approval from Singapore

Today, I received the good news from my employer that my work permit in Singapore was granted, the so-called Employment Pass (EP). This is another important milestone on our way abroad.

For now, I have received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from the Singapore government, which means that as a second step, the Dependent Pass (DP) for Verena can finally be applied for, too.

My first day of work in Singapore will be in six weeks. Not much time left. We have already booked our flights and will arrive about two weeks before I start working. Since this is not a regular flight but a one-way path to our new life abroad, we have decided to upgrade to Premium Economy. This will give us not only more comfortable for the flight but also extra baggage that we will undoubtedly need. I am sure that the day of departure will be quite emotional, if not even stressful, which is why we hope the upgrade will give us some much-needed relief.

Now that we have an actual day of departure, it also means that the preparations for our move are in full swing. In less than four weeks, we will be leaving, and we will indeed have exciting and stressful weeks ahead of us.


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