My Travel Bucket List 2019

Just in time for the new year, I have thought about where I want to go this year. The result is my very personal Travel Bucket List for 2019, which I am happy to share with you:

1. Cape Town (✔︎)

Actually, quite easy and therefore also on 1st place, because we booked the flights for Cape Town directly with the start of the new year, on 01.01.2019. We are really looking forward to the many great views, to the turquoise sea, to see penguins in the wild, to going on a safari and at least to a wine tasting. We are not quite sure about our hotel yet – theoretically we could cancel it until the end of February, so I would be very grateful for any tips. Which district can you recommend? Camps Bay would be too far away, we would rather do a day trip there. But the city centre is said to be dangerous – what do you think?


2. Mexico (Tulum) (✔︎)

I don’t know why I didn’t come up with this earlier… …turquoise sea, white beaches, delicious tacos and a new country… …what more do I want? I’m itching to book a flight to Mexico, preferably Cancun, in the first half of the year and spend a few days on the Gulf of Mexico.


3. Vancouver and/or Montreal

I’ve never been to Canada. And until a few weeks ago, to be honest, it didn’t really appeal to me either. When I saw this video, in which Delia Fischer presented her new apartment in Montréal, I was frankly surprised about the charm of the city and after my favorite blogger has been in Vancouver again and finally wrote a travel blog about it, the decision was made: I would finally dare to go to Canada. At best, of course, I’ll visit both cities in one go (although the two are very far apart), otherwise I’d actually be almost dispassionate and would decide by price and offer which city to go to first. Do you have any tips?

4. Italy (Tuscany) (✔︎)

Since I was in Tuscany in 2010 during my apprenticeship as part of an educational trip, I always wanted to come back and show Daniel everything. I remember great, warm light in sweet little streets, delicious coffee and great food. When I think of Italy, I think of burrata, pizza, wine and warm, long summer nights. I hope it will be something in late summer this year.

5. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the Georgian capital is considered a hot tip for weekend trips in 2019. According to a recent article that I read, Tbilisi is considered an upcoming fashion city and will probably become more and more important in the industry… Even Demna Gvasalia, the creative mind behind Vêtements and Creative Director of Balenciaga, is from Georgia, so it may be true, but I would like to see for myself. Tbilisi is also supposed to have beautiful and affordable design hotels. Unfortunately there is (still) no adequate direct flight from my hometown, which makes Tbilisi a bit difficult to reach, especially for a weekend trip. Keep your fingers crossed that this will change soon. When the time comes, I will definitely be on one of the first flights!

6. Singapore (✔︎)

That one day an Asian town would end up on my bucket list… if someone had told me that a year or two ago, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. Me and Asia? Well… I prefer to spend my precious holidays in western or even western countries (USA still my favorite!!!) but wait… Singapore also seems to be quite western and beyond that also super cool and trendy. And who knows… as a (strongly emerging) industrial and development location, maybe even the future lies there… and that’s exactly why I want to get a picture of it myself!


7. California

Without a place for California, this wouldn’t be my list. Because California not only occupies a place on this list, but also the first place of my favourite places in the world. What I like most are the Beach Towns between L.A. and San Diego. Since I fell in love with the area, I try to come back once a year. It hasn’t worked out that well, but that’s why (we didn’t go last year!) this year it will be all the more time for it again. I especially have the desert of California in mind. We haven’t really done a road trip between succulents, for example from California to Arizona yet and I imagine it will be great. At best you could of course combine that with Coachella… Conveniently, the festival takes place every year on or around my birthday and this year the Easter holidays are added, which would make a trip to the West Coast really attractive. Unfortunately, this year’s line-up for Coachella doesn’t really suit me and on top of that it’s quite expensive. But let’s see, maybe it will be something. If not, then next year at the latest!

8. Belize and/or Central America

9. Indonesia (✔︎)

10. Helsinki (✔︎)


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