2023 Bucket List

It’s a tradition at this point to write about my travel plans and dream destinations at the beginning of each year and wrap up the year with a recap.

I was surprised how much we ticked off our Bucket List in 2022, considering the year was dominated by financial sorrows and uncertainties about what the future would bring. It might be the exact reason for us to use every opportunity and travel whenever we can. This ended with me being entirely exhausted at the end of the year, and I am looking very much forward to a better structure for 2023.

Regardless, it weren’t me if I didn’t have already lots of plans and visions for this upcoming year.

New US States

Since we currently can’t leave the US due to visa regulations, we want to make the best of it and explore the country as much as we can. Ever been to Idaho? Here’s the chance to explore the rather unpopular US state. We actually also had planned to see as many US States as last year. And, although we didn’t manage to go to 12 in total, we added Arizona, Texas (3 times!), and Colorado to our list, accompanied by New York, Hawaii, Nevada, and lots of California.

For this year, we’d like to visit the following States (and may or may not have already booked the trips…):

  • Massachusetts (Boston)

  • Rhode Island

  • Idaho (Boise)

  • Oregon (Portland — I can’t believe we still haven’t visited our neighboring state!?)

  • North & South Carolina

  • Georgia

  • Montana

  • Utah

  • Louisiana


No annual travel bucket list without adding at least one tropical destination to the list. Due to the mentioned visa regulations, we might opt for the US Virgin Islands, considered a US territory…

South America

Once we can leave the country, we both would like to go to South America. Columbia, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico (City) are on top of our list.


Although I love living in the US, I have to admit that I miss the European culture, especially the culinary options one has in Europe. After visiting countless wineries in Northern California, I’d like to hang out in a traditional, quaint winery in France, preferably in Burgundy, to learn more about my favorite beverage and its viticulture.


We did make it to Canada last year, and we truly loved it. This year, we’d like to go to Montréal, as the city bursts with European energy and French culture to explore.

What are your plans for 2023?


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