Updated Travel Bucket List 2020

While in Germany, life is gradually returning to normal, we are still in lockdown in Singapore. That means: We cannot travel, which hit us hard in particular, as one of the main goals coming along with moving to Singapore was to see as much as the world as we can. Singapore is a great international hub, we thought and were planning in many destinations for this year, that we couldn’t have reached as easy while living in Germany. I wrote about this year’s travel plans at the beginning of the year already. Looking back, I realize that it’s especially Australia and the pacific island we wanted to visit first and foremost. And while those secretly still rank very high, I also have to face that it will probably take quite a while until we can travel that far away. However, a few neighboring countries likely open up sooner than others, and this comes with the chance to visit those somewhen this year hopefully. Funny enough, any outbound ride means an international trip, as Singapore is a city-state.

Meanwhile, the desire to travel is increasing. And though I know, this is wishful thinking, I still wish and think of the places I want to go the first (sticking to the rules obviously). The dream of soon being able to get back on a plane and see the world from above is kind of a driver of hope and lets me outlook into the future more positively. Yet I know, for this year, the potential of any international vacation is out in the clouds. That’s why I have updated my Travel Bucket List more realistically. We are of course aware that traveling should not be the priority at this time, but since this is a travel blog, I wanted to distract myself with more hopeful thoughts, at least for the duration of this post. So here we go with my updated Travel Bucket List for 2020:

Updated travel and destinations in 2020

  1. Australia

  2. New Zealand

  3. Seoul, South Korea

  4. Bali, Indonesia

  5. Bintan, Indonesia

  6. Maledives

  7. Sentosa, Singapore

Unfortunately, there isn’t any destination in Europe on the list. I am afraid we have to wait to see friends and family for a while and hope that we will be able to go back at Christmas… For now, we are not allowed to leave Singapore anyway, let alone come back in, so this bucket list will remain what it is for now: wishful thinking.



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